Prime Spirals

Discovered in 1995 by Dr. Sol Adoni

The 8 Adoni Prime Spirals are Helix Equations that create the infinite universe of prime numbers and twin primes.

Not one prime above 5 exists outside the boundaries of the 8 Adoni Prime Spirals.

The 8 Adoni Prime Spirals were discovered by Dr. Adoni in 1995 and discussed in the Dr. Adoni Paper called The Ennisa Formula and released as a 30Mod algorithm. A 90Mod prime algorithm was also released in 1995 by Dr. Adoni showing a unique variation exists in 3n(30mod) prime fields.

The 2004 so-called Sieve of Atkin is a 2n(30mod) variation of the Adoni 30mod prime spirals.

In 2010 Steve Croft claimed the discovery of the 8 Prime Spirals almost fifteen years after Dr. Adoni had released the discovery publicly.

In 2012 PyPrimes tested major Prime Algorithms including the Sieve of Eratosthenes and the 8 Prime Spirals (incorrectly called Croft Spirals) outperformed all prime algorithms tested including modern wheel factorization. The Adoni Prime Spirals algorithm was the only algorithm to finally defeat the ancient Sieve of Eratosthenes. PyPrimes Test Results.