HelixQ is an advanced new type of mathematics that uses Helix Equations from a whole new branch of mathematics that will be used to allow artificial intelligence in computers.

HelixQ is an International Non-Profit Organization.

Helix Math will be used to create the new Helix Equations that will be the fundamental logic of HelixQ Programs and Projects.

HelixQ is based upon the work of Dr. Sol Adoni.

At first a light version of HelixQ will be used in modern computers, but the future generation of computers that are designed to take full advantage of the Helix Equations that HelixQ uses, will allow a new level of super computers to literally think in multi-dimensional virtual space at a level of computation never dreamed of in modern computer science.

The logic of HelixQ is based upon new math theory that can eventually operate on a 90bit byte of data or load as its base unit.

Modern computers were designed to handle a relatively small byte of data, 8 bits of integers using the numerals 1 and 0 now form the basis of modern computers.

A HelixQ computer will handle 90 bits of data in 1 HelixQ byte or load.

To compare this quantum leap in computer power, a modern byte is 2^8 power or 256 potential characters of data in a load or byte of data using 8 integers of 1 and 0.

A HelixQ byte uses only the numeral 1 with ante’s or spaces, so the actual data stream resembles a DNA 2 dimensional printout.

For example a modern data byte looks like


A HelixQ data byte looks like

1 111 111 111 1 111111 11   111 1111 1111 111 1  11 11  1 11111111111 11111111 111 1 1 1 111111111111111111

The HelixQ math is actually based upon ancient math theory and doesn’t use the Arabic concept of a Zero (0).In place of the Zero is a space or ante-bit, while to the human eye ante-bits may be hard to read, to a future HelixQ processor it will read these large data loads like it is a DNA snippet of code.In a 90 bit data byte, the potential power is very large. It is 2^90 as to how many preset characters and mathematical equations can be programmed for the HelixQ processors to understand.Dimensional math concepts called Helix Equations for the HelixQ language will give dimensional processor logic to these new computers that will be able to think in multi-dimensional virtual space.

The next level of computers using such a powerful language will give AI (Artificial Intelligence) to computers created by humans, that will think in multi-dimensional virtual space.

Welcome to the future, a future where computers have AI and can help mankind solve problems on a level never imagined.

While it may take some time for technology to catch up to the full potential of HelixQ, a lite version will soon be available to do computational computing that will solve many modern computer problems.

The first network of HelixQ computers will feature the most advanced technology available including liquid helium hard drives so they have Petra-byte levels of data storage capacity.

HelixQ-Lite will be compatible with modern processors and yet still be able to load very complex equations using Helix Math Equations that will make remarkable strides in modern computer language abilities.

Some of the first problems in modern computers that HelixQ will focus on are areas such as Data Security and Encryption.

HelixQ Math and HelixQ Equations will also be used in developing the fastest Cloud Network in the World for Businesses.